To be the leading global boiler technology in the industry that would give an impact in changing the lives of the people by continual improving of the effectiveness of quality management system (QMS) to continually deliver efficient and economical products.
To provide world-class quality products and services timely to our customers. By creating a positive working environment that promotes sustainability, efficacy, work-life balance, growth and development of our employees.
In 1991, a team of young Filipino entrepreneur/engineering brothers with vast experience in their respective expertise had formed a partnership to venture into the world of construction. Until in the late 1994, one of the brothers had decided to pursue and focus his dreams on continuing his expertise in the large field of mechanical engineering works, thus to develop a more challenging work in every industry.

His previous experience as fabrication engineer and technical mechanical engineer engaging in the steam generating systems and pressure vessels, and his previous works engaged under a French petrochemical company became one of the forming foundation that open the door into the world of multi-national industries that gave birth to CIMECH SYSTEMS CONSTRUCTION INC.

CIMECH SYSTEMS started with a small but dedicated team which caters construction and labor works during the 90's. But in 1995, one of the major paper companies in the Philippines saw the potential of this humble company and gave CIMECH a 2 year project engaging in various piping works and other fabrication works of the paper plant.

It was a major break for the CIMECH group, however, the urge of the company's President to become one of the leading companies in providing mechanical work and expertise in the Philippines lead to the conception of ideas to create the CIMECH BOILER in 1996.

The 1st model of CIMECH BOILER was an 80BHP horizontal type, diesel fired boiler was installed to the commissary plant of a well-known Chinese food chain in the Philippines. Up until to this day, there are now 5 units of CIMECH BOILER that serves their company's needs, which became a testament of the CIMECH's ability to satisfy and render after-sales-service to any company at any given time.

In 2005, after the company's successful decade in establishing as one of the boiler manufacturers in the Philippines and the increasing demands of the market, CIMECH expanded its construction plant with a humble 2,200 square meter where its 3 storey office and fabrication area stands still today. Through the years that CIMECH BOILER had become well known in the name of boiler technology in the Philippines, we have gained our clients trust of quality and assurance that even our clients requests our vast technical expertise to have their various boiler brands be maintained.

Year 2014, CIMECH SYSTEMS CONSTRUCTIONS, INC is celebrating another milestone since its incorporation and is amending its corporate name into CIMECH SYSTEMS INDUSTRIES, INC. We are more than two decades in serving various industries and the tradition still continues to manufacture, serve and supply high quality products and services such as, to mention a few;

  • Horizontal & Vertical Type Oil Fired Fuel
  • Biomass Boiler (Fuel: Cocoshell, Ricehull, wood and palm shell or rice husk)
  • Electric Boiler
  • Piping of steam generating systems which includes design, installation and commissioning
  • Steam pump and blowdown tank
  • Calorifier, Daerator Tank and Economizer
  • Pressurized tanks such: Steam, Water & Air
  • Process Vessel Tank / Steam Jacketed Kettle
  • Mechanical Handling conveyor system
  • Boiler retubing, brick laying and castable refractory works
  • Coal and Biomass boiler repair and rehabilitation
  • Supply of boiler parts such as: Boiler Tubes, Castable Refractory, Bricks, Controls and Valves
  • Boiler calibration and steam audit
  • Steel Fabrication works
  • Others - HVAC design and retrofitting of centralized airconditioning system
    As of today, Cimech Systems Industries, Inc. has established a good reputation to the various well-known industries, and to mention a few:
  • Andoks Litson Corporation
  • Cargill Philippines Inc
  • Chowking Foods Corporation
  • Del Monte Philippines
  • Dunlop Slazenger Phils and Multirich
  • Diamond Star Agro
  • Ginebra San Miguel
  • Hocheng Phils. Corporation
  • Jollibee
  • Lucky Me
  • Mega Sardines
  • Nestle Philippines Inc.
  • Philippine Heart Center
  • Red Ribbon Bakeshop
  • RFM Corporation
  • Sumifru Group of Companies
  • Smithkline Beecham (Glaxo)
  • URC
  • Uni-President
  • Wrigley Phils., Inc.
    In 2008, our 1st installation of CIMECH BIOMASS BOILER in the oil industry in Mindanao Island using palm shell waste as fuel to answer the increasing fuel prices of the world market. Another CIMECH BIOMASS BOILER was also installed in Visayas using coco shell as fuel as well. And in 2009 the BASUKI BOILER, no.1 boiler manufacturer in Indonesia, catered the needs of a major sardines factory in the Philippines and gave this partnership to showcase the FLUIDIZED BED TECHNOLOGY. This partnership paved another 2 major projects in Mindanao and another for an ongoing project.

    For 2-decades in the industry, CIMECH is currently roster ring more than a hundred of skilled and talented mix of engineers and technical professionals who have undergone training in South Korea. This lead to a world class quality in work and production that par with international boiler companies that the company started to ship boiler parts to South Korea with our partner DAELIM ROYAL ENT LTD. As a reward to our loyal employees who had been with the company since its establishment, the management had launch a project " CIMECHVILLE 1" for them, helping them to own a house whom they can call as their own HOME, and a dozen of them already availed and it shows, thus, the company isn't just into concentrating its own welfare but for everybody as they treated them as a family.

    This year 2014 SEC has apporoved our application for the ammendment of industrial name from CIMECH SYSTEMS CONSTRUCTION INC. to CIMECH SYSTEMS INDUSTRIES INC. this is inline with our expansion into exploring the field of HVAC with partnership of a French Company who are nerby known of Energy Efficiency.

    January 17, 2019 officially received the certificate for ISO 9001:2015.

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    A major player in its field and the first manufacturer of Coal-fired boiler in Indonesia. PT Basuki Pratama Engineering was established in 1981 in the spirit of National development. Supported by more than two decades of experiences, has successfully blazed the trail in a drive tour energy efficiency drive in Indonesia.

    DQS & IQ NET - ISO 9001:2015

    International Certification thru local and affiliated Certifiying bodies

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